Asset Management and Protection

Using Isle of Man Companies and Trusts

The definition of “Sanctuary” is protection or a safe place – and that is precisely what we provide for our clients.

Safeguarding one’s assets remains an unalienable right in an increasingly uncertain world. It is a basic instinct to nurture and protect what is ours – for example, family heritage or inheritance, property, business interests, a lifetime of work and more besides.

By taking advantage of the considerable structuring benefits associated with Isle of Man Companies and Trusts, we are adept at providing bespoke services for high net worth individuals, covering:

  • Estate and succession planning
  • Comprehensive asset protection plans
  • Efficient structuring and prudent tax planning
  • Privacy
  • Protection from creditors and frivolous lawsuits

In a jurisdiction regarded as being one of the best regulated and most legally advanced in the world, the asset protection arrangements provided to our clients – at a personal and company level – offer complete security and peace of mind.

The benefits of having an Isle of Man offshore trust or company structure can be varied and far reaching. If you represent clients who may currently be vulnerable in terms of asset protection, or who may be dissatisfied with their current arrangements, talk to us in the strictest confidence.