Why The Isle Of Man?

For high net worth individuals, their financial and legal advisors, the Isle of Man provides a compelling, stable and secure jurisdiction of choice.

With a welcoming, business-friendly climate and flourishing and innovative economy, the Island offers an array of wealth preservation and creation opportunities.

The Isle of Man, as part of the British Isles, is a British Crown Dependency, but the important distinction is that it is not part of the UK or EU. A Moody’s Aa2 rated jurisdiction, the Island provides easy access to their markets but, as a self-governing Island, it stands apart, with its own government, taxes and legal system.

The Island is home to the oldest continually running democracy in the world and boasts a very stable political system.

Today, the benefits of being offshore in the Isle of Man are as highly attractive as ever and include:

  • Stability (both economically and politically)
  • Zero rate corporation tax
  • No inheritance tax or death duties
  • No capital gains taxes
  • No stamp duty (including on share transfers)
  • Zero rate insurance premium tax on asset insurance
  • Potential for a low effective VAT rate via leasing
  • Affiliate membership of the EU for VAT purposes – a great point of entry
  • Business incentives for innovative start-ups and relocation packages

With excellent transport links to the UK (regular flights of one hour’s duration to London, plus regular flights to other major provincial cities) the Isle of Man is a beautiful place to visit, to do business and a secure and stable place to hold wealth and/or assets.